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Space based Pharmacy Open Chemistry (Wet lab, Course 5, 7, Course 10, Course 20, etc)




HST: Health Sciences and Technology

Faculty Supervisor:

Jose Gomez-Marquez

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To schedule an interview please reach out to littledevices@mit.edu

Project Description

Work at the intersection of materials science and chemical engineering on next generation low-cost medical technologies. Among the major projects in this role is the generation of protocols to create drugs and diagnostics in extreme environments. You will be working as part of our International Space Station “Space based Pharmacy” project to reinvent the way we make medicine for underserved populations here on Earth as well as outer space exploration. Students with an interest in biological processing, chemistry and synthesis play an integral role in our research as we develop procedures for pharmaceutical manufacturing and novel approaches to diagnostic tools. About Us The Little Devices researchers reinvents the way people create medical devices for international and domestic healthcare systems using design approaches such as affordability, modularity and DIY. We span a portfolio of UROP projects involving diagnostics, medical devices, hospital makerspaces, and construction kit design. Our lab aims to design technology that is robust and economical, yet intelligent using advanced sensors and smart materials. Projects from the group have been launched in Germany, Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, and Space (New!! See below) The work has been featured by the New York Times, Wired, CNN, and TED. More at: littledevices.mit.edu Join us in Cambridge, Spain and Space! We will give you important challenges, guidance and autonomy and resources and you will surprise us with smart solutions. All positions have the option for pay or credit. There is a 2-day fabrication and design orientation to be scheduled upon assignment. You will be joining a fast paced, interdisciplinary group who focuses on hands-on ideation and prototyping. To schedule an interview please reach out to littledevices@mit.edu


Good understanding of organic chemistry and wet lab experience a plus. You will work closely with our chemistry and biology team to create assays, apply reactions to our space platform and deploy them for launch. You will have a good overview of analytical methods or a willing disposition to learn and explore them.