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Solar system, magnetic fields and meteorites




12: Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Benjamin Weiss

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Caue Borlina: caue@mit.edu

Project Description

Planets and stars form in a cloud of gas and dust. How we go from gas and dust to actual planets is not completely understood. In this context, there is good reason to believe that these environments have large-scale magnetic fields that play a central role in the formation of planets and stars. In this project, we will be using meteorites (“space rocks”) to obtain measurements of magnetic fields from our solar system approximately 4.5 billion years ago. The student will: - learn how select, handle and prepare samples from meteorites, - conduct experiments using the state-of-the-art instruments to measure the magnetic fields from meteorites. The UROP will have a chance to contribute and potentially collaborate on peer-reviewed journal articles. They may also lead their own project and publish it. We encourage highly independent and motivated students to apply for this position.


-Sophomores or upperclass (preferred) - Matlab, Python or Julia