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Software Development of Interactive Micro-scale Urban Mobility Simulation for Tangible Robotic Interface




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Hiroshi Ishii

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Feb 10 2020



Project Description

This project involves software development for a micro-scale mobility simulation (i.e. interactive software simulation of a traffic intersection for autonomous vehicles). This simulation will ultimately be used to drive an interactive tangible, swarm robotic interface. We are seeking a UROP researcher to lead the software development, based on open-source mobility simulation tools we have collected. We will ask the researcher to create the software architecture and develop an interactive software application in which users can adapt parameters (e.g. street and intersection types, number and speed of vehicles, etc.) and observe changes in the simulation. The UROP will have the opportunity to receive guidance from members of the Tangible Media Group and City Science Group in the MIT Media Lab.


1. Solid Coding Experience: Especially in Developing Software Architecture for Interactive systems (Javascript, Processing, etc) 2. Good at self-learning of coding. 3. (optional) Experience in Agent-based Simulation (urban mobility or others) 4. (optional) Swarm Robot Coding Experience 5. (optional) UI Design