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Smart Ship System Design




SEAG: Sea Grant Program

Faculty Supervisor:

Julie Chalfant

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Project Description

Are you interested in helping design the next Navy ship? In the Design Lab of MIT Sea Grant, we develop methods and software for the design and analysis of Navy ships and ship systems. The significantly increased power requirements of new sensor and weapon systems coupled with the flexibility demanded by the integrated nature of shipboard control systems place new demands on the early-stage design of ships, and the Navy needs new design software to handle these demands. We have a range of projects available for mechanical, electrical, naval architecture, and computer science students. Some examples of specific projects include developing software algorithms for component placement (computational geometry discipline), ship thermal management and cooling system design (thermal discipline), electrical power corridor design (electrical engineering discipline), and power train design (mechanical discipline). One additional project involves using the new software to design ship systems and compare the results of various systems with a three-part goal: first, provide data on the ship systems to compare different designs; second, to test the newly developed software for bugs, and third, to develop methodologies for parsing, analyzing and presenting the resultant data. Through these projects, you will apply classroom knowledge to real-world problems, will learn about ships and ship systems, and will understand some of the considerations in the naval architecture and ship design. Project will be entirely virtual; no in-person meetings or laboratory work.


Some programming knowledge. C++ desired, but not mandatory.