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SHASS Digital Humanities Lab




21L: Literature

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephanie Frampton

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Project Description

The SHASS Programs in Digital Humanities and DH Lab have an ongoing UROP program, with up to 25 positions open for UROPs interested in working at the intersection of the humanities and computing. This fall, we'll be working with Prof Catherine Clark to build a digital photography archive, combining traditional digital archives with techniques from computer vision and machine learning to enhance the archive with novel analyses. For more information about our Programs and our past projects, visit https://digitalhumanities.mit.edu, or check out our GitHub: https://github.com/dhmit! Our UROP project is fully remote. To apply, fill in the form at https://forms.gle/8T9beb3aaX8Bbv3c9 and plan on attending our first Intro Meeting on Sept 2, from 4-5 pm at https://mit.zoom.us/j/91975438724


An enthusiasm for the humanities and computing! First years welcome. No prior programming experience required, but must enroll simultaneously in 6.0001 or 6.0002 if candidate has no programming background.