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Scenario-based Simulation Platform to Support Non-Cybersecurity Professionals in Decision Making




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

Stuart Madnick

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Keman Huang, keman@mit.edu

Project Description

Cybersecurity has a critical role in today’s digital society, yet managers and leaders are often at a loss when it comes to keeping their organizations secure. Without effective strategies and plans to manage cybersecurity risk, managers can jeopardize their entire organization. Making the right decisions in cybersecurity requires more than just making decisions about the latest technology. Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS) fills a critical need for leaders and managers of cybersecurity by focusing on managerial, strategic, and organizational issues. We seek undergraduate researchers interested in creating the latest and greatest ideas in cybersecurity. For this specific project, our goal is to develop a scenario-based simulation platform which can assist non-cybersecurity professionals in making decisions regarding cyber attacks and to improve cybersecurity resilience. This platform is designed to: 1) use the cyber threat intelligence to generate cyber attack scenarios; 2) interact with users to help them choose optimal mitigation strategies. Following this stream, we are looking for an enthusiastic student to work together on this project, focusing on: 1) designing experiments to identify the factors that impact the decision making; 2) designing and implementing the platform to simulate the decision-making process; 3) supporting the experiment while it is running; 4) optimizing the platform to support the decision making. The experience will be invaluable for a student motivated to pursue a demanding career in cybersecurity, business analysis, and human-computer interaction. Please email Dr. Keman Huang (keman@mit.edu) with 1) your CV, 2) a project developed before; and 3) a brief description of your understanding. Feel free to ask questions.


Experience in web or mobile app development (HTML, CSS) is required. Experience in computer-human interaction or human behavior experiments are valuable. Familiarity with cybersecurity is a plus, but not required. We are particularly interested in working with motivated and organized students who are committed to doing research, for example senior students who would consider pursuing a Masters of Engineering at MIT on this topic.