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Robotics and Learning




6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

Wojciech Matusik

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Project Description

We are looking for talented undergraduates to contribute to a few ongoing research projects about robot design/simulation/learning problems: 1) developing computational methods to discover novel robot designs with extremal performances that go beyond what a human expert can achieve. For example, in our previous work, we explored a parametric design space of multicopters to reveal innovative designs with more payload capacity; 2) building differentiable simulations for dynamic, rigid/soft robots (flying vehicles, swimmers, jumpers) and leveraging gradient information to assist planning/control, possibly by combining them with supervised or reinforcement learning; 3) analyzing the geometry or control of robots with optimal performances and developing novel analysis/visualization tools to discover the key component in their design space that makes them optimal.


Interest in robotics and learning