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Robotics and flight control - multirotor design and implementation


IAP and Spring


16: Aeronautics and Astronautics

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonathan How

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Applicants should send an introduction email to Parker Lusk <plusk@mit.edu> and attach their resume/CV.

Project Description

This UROP is an opportunity to learn about the hardware and software components of autonomous drones and to gain hands-on experience with low-level aspects of flight control. In the Aerospace Controls Laboratory (http://acl.mit.edu) we demonstrate many of our planning, control, perception, and decision making algorithms onboard multirotors in our unique RAVEN experimental facility, a Real-time indoor Autonomous Vehicle test ENvironment. To continue to push the boundaries in these areas, we maintain a multirotor fleet with best practices from the research and FPV/drone racing community. The goal of this project is to incorporate new motor speed control hardware into our vehicles. We are looking for a UROP interested in robotics and flight control, capable in C++ programming, hardware design, and electronics. The UROP will be responsible for testing new hardware components (ESCs), performing system identification using a dynamometer, leveraging the open-source community for C++ implementation of motor control protocols (e.g., DSHOT), and eventually flight testing the new hardware/software configuration. The student will be given autonomy and responsibility over the project and is expected to work independently under the supervision of a graduate student. Applicants should send an introduction email to Parker Lusk <plusk@mit.edu> and attach their resume/CV. An informal C++ coding interview will be conducted before hiring---we expect the student to be comfortable working with classes and basic data types in existing code. A successful UROP will have the option to continue for the Spring/Summer semesters.


Experience with C++ and ability to identify and fix bugs - Experience with Linux and git is a plus - Experience with electronics - Classroom signals / controls experience - Experience working with drones is a plus