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[remote] Robotic systems software design for health




HST: Health Sciences and Technology

Faculty Supervisor:

Jose Gomez-Marquez

Faculty email:


Apply by:



littledevices@mit.edu and 617.816.1943

Project Description

We are looking for a software engineer to join a multidisciplinary team of undergraduates (chemists, mechanical designers, biologists): over the past year, we have been working together on developing open source robotics systems that interact dynamically with visual, motion and chemical data in their environment. Our aim is to design smart, lightweight biorobotic systems that can contribute to a next generation of research endeavors at the scale of the Human Genome Project. Our technology is designed to be affordable and easily scalable: we want to empower communities to contribute their own experimental findings in a public platform. We contribute to the democratization of medical research by generating more open access tools. Your work will help laboratories get new tools to diagnose COVID-19.


The ideal candidate has experience in software architecture and some ML. Previous electronics experience (Arduino, etc) helpful. To schedule an interview please reach out to littledevices@mit.edu Prerequisites: Experience with designing, prototyping (such as Arduino) testing and debugging electronic circuits Experience with wireless sensors or protocols helpful (e.g., WiFi) and prior robotic and/or sensor electronics useful.