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Refine & Scale “Sunny”, a Chatbot for Psychological Wellbeing




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Pattie Maes

Faculty email:


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Jaya Narain (jnarain@mit.edu), Monique Davey (mondavey@mit.edu), and Tina Quach (quachtina96@gmail.com)

Project Description

Beginning Spring 2019, we built Sunny, a Facebook Messenger chatbot to promote meaningful, positive connections within small groups of friends or family by facilitating positive messages. We tested Sunny with 3 groups of 4 people and received a lot of positive feedback. The interviews and data from our preliminary study suggest that Sunny could have a positive effect on people’s relationships and self-esteem. The UROP: We are looking for a UROP student to continue development Sunny and get the chatbot ready to deploy in a larger study and to the population at large. There is plenty of space for creativity in UX design, back-end development, and study design and evaluation techniques. Contact: Please email Jaya Narain (jnarain@mit.edu), Monique Davey (mondavey@mit.edu), and Tina Quach (quachtina96@gmail.com) if you are interested in this position.


The ideal candidate has some experience in JavaScript web development and web databases (e.g. SQL). Bring your research interests, creativity, and questions that you want to explore - we’re excited to support your learning and development. Tina led development of the initial prototype of Sunny and will also provide technical guidance!