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Refine manufacturing process using wood and metal materials




4: Architecture

Faculty Supervisor:

Matthew Kressy

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Dec 15


Melody Mui: mmelody@mit.edu

Project Description

Aubrey in Math creates daily gadgets that are at the intersection of fashion design and engineering. Our current focus is a patented heel carabiner. In the long run, such gadget shall be penetrated into the city life of working women. Distributional strategies can be, but not limited to the influencers from IMG or Ford, branding accelerator such as LVMH La Maison des Startups, or Amazon luxury line . Currently, we need to drive down the time and cost that it will take for manufacturing. Particularly, making adjustment to Rhino files for the gadget to stretch to various sizes and shapes. Metal, wood and elastics are the key materials to work around with. Stipend: $1,900 for an immersive IAP experience.


Sophomore, junior or senior student in Course 4