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React based web applications for improved supply chain decision making adsa




CTL: Center for Transportation & Logistics

Faculty Supervisor:

Matthias Winkenbach

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Project Description

The CAVE team is looking to hire a UROP to assist in the development of React based web applications. These applications are intended to support our research efforts in enabling better data-driven supply chain decision making and logistics system design. The CAVE team is a dynamic and fast-paced development group that designs interactive applications and visualizations to achieve a wide variety of objectives. These applications range from simple tools that produce charts to full stack environments that optimize and visualize business scenarios. Individual projects move quickly and can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year to complete. Our projects often include working on modules (or application components) and applications (modules grouped in a meaningful way). With this workflow, team members of all skill levels will be able to find a project that challenges them and allows them to grow. As team members work on their projects, they are expected to own their code and develop any needed skills to make their project successful. Our small team (6 people) is diverse and each person has varying abilities and skill levels. Team members include current MIT students, MIT researchers and experienced industry professionals. While these things do make us different, we are united in our passion for building out great applications that make a meaningful difference in the world around us.


The UROP should be comfortable working on a small team or working alone to rapidly prototype industry driven web applications. This person should also be capable with React, JS, CSS, HTML and Python. Functional programming knowledge (specifically Ramda) is a big plus.