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Quantum walk in external gauge fields


IAP and Spring


8: Physics

Faculty Supervisor:

Marin Soljacic

Faculty email:


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Yi Yang: yiy@mit.edu

Project Description

Synthetic gauge fields provide a versatile toolbox to manipulate geometric phases in engineered physical systems. These gauge fields can be classified into Abelian (commutative) and non-Abelian (non-commutative) depending on the commutativity of the underlying group. We are interested in studying the quantum walk in external fields, by leveraging the recently synthesized non-Abelian gauge potentials in real space [Science, 365, 1021 (2019)]. In this UROP, you will theoretically study the discrete-time quantum walk in a non-Abelian gauge field and identify its Floquet topological phase diagram. This theoretical study could be experimentally realized on photonic platforms. Any majors, including Physics, Math, and EECS, are welcome to apply. The UROP is also remote-friendly.