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Prosody: The Music of Language




RLE: Research Lab for Electronics

Faculty Supervisor:

Stefanie Hufnagel

Faculty email:


Apply by:

October 1



Project Description

This UROP project involves both an entry-level position for a student interested in learning about how speakers use spoken prosody (intonation and timing) to convey meaning, and a more advanced position for a student with the same interests but also some experience in either linguistics or speech analysis using signal processing. Both positions will involve a combination of work on ongoing projects in prosody analysis, and work on the development of an MITx course on how to use prosodic labelling for analysis of prosodic perception, prosodic production and prosodic development in children. Available for credit or pay ($13.50/hour); 10 hours/week commitment; contact Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, Speech Communication Group, sshuf@mit.edu.


The first position is an entry-level position---the main prerequisites are curiosity about spoken prosody, and an ear for hearing the differences among spoken utterances. The second position will be best for a person with both an interest in prosody, and some familiarity with constructing databases and using them to analyze data to test hypotheses.