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Programmable acoustic fibers for next-generation smart wearable microphones


IAP and Spring


6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

Yoel Fink

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Project Description

Electronic devices used to be rigid, planar and cumbersome. Decades of research have led to the emergence of miniaturized, soft, flexible and wearable electronics. Our group exploits thermal drawing of a macroscopic preform where different materials or pre-fabricated devices are arranged at a prescribed position, yielding kilometers of electronic fibers with sophisticated architecture and complex functionalities in a highly simple and scalable way. In this project, we are developing advanced functional fibers that can efficiently detect and record human conversational speeches acting as smart microphones. For this project, these fibers will ultimately be integrated into fabrics (clothes) forming a smart system that can hear, speak and communicate. Specifically, the fabrics containing these fibers will be able to locate the voice source and selectively record any sound source. When the sound impacts the fiber, a piezoelectric domain in the fiber converts mechanical energy (sound) into electrical energy (output voltage). The fibers will be connected to a miniaturized wearable PCB board. The FIRMWARE programming technique will be exploited to transmit data from the board in a wireless way to a computer or an APP in a mobilephone for analysis and processing. ESP32-WROVER module will be used for voice decoding. The urops will learn more about fiber electronics, materials, acoustics and etc. The urops can have the opportunity to co-author our high-impact publications. Please refer to these information: https://docs.espressif.com/projects/esp-idf/en/latest/hw-reference/modules-and-boards.html#modules https://www.espressif.com/sites/default/files/documentation/esp32-wrover-b_datasheet_en.pdf Contact: Wei Yan


FIRMWARE programming and knowing how to use ESP32-WROVER-B are critical.