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Process and visualize call center employees longitudinal data




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Rosalind Picard

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Project Description

The Affective Computing group, Media Lab is looking for UROP students who join us to develop tools to monitor participants, and to organize and visualize data collected during clinical trials using mobile phones and wearable sensors. We will conduct long-term ambulatory measurement experiments for depressed patients at MGH to find new methods for diagnosis of depression. You will help us to extend the existing mobile app for collecting surveys and sensors measurements. You will also provide support for extending our visualization platform and for uploading participants’ data for visualization.


The student must have interests and experience in mobile phone programming (both iOS and Android) and in web programming. Expertise in Python (and preferably with django), java script (and d3.js, n3.js or other interactive visualization platforms) is a plus. In addition, (s)he should have experience with Android Studio/Xcode and preferably with React Native.