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Privacy preserving Deep Learning on Android and Browser




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Ramesh Raskar

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Project Description

Want to do design Privacy-aware Deep Learning solutions for Browsers and Android phones? In this project, you will be designing and deploying exciting and cutting edge Computer Vision applications on lightweight platforms like Browsers and Android phone. You will have the opportunity to develop various Machine Learning based applications by writing it in for Android and Browsers which talk to the servers in the cloud like AWS. The goal of this deployment would be to perform Computer Vision tasks on Browser and Android devices while preserving Privacy. We will also be looking at some theoretical aspects of such deployments. You will be getting on hands-on experience with Deep Learning, Android and Javascript development, and Theory. Since this is a research project, you can also potentially be a co-author in the research paper.


A decent knowledge of Deep Learning, Python and eagerness to learn on the way would be required.