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Principles of inter and intra cellular interactions in development




BI: Broad Institute

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Lander

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Miri Adler: madler@broadinstitute.org

Project Description

During embryonic development, a homogenous group of cells develops into intricate spatial and temporal patterns that make up the embryo. These emergent patterns are controlled by intra-cellular regulatory circuits as well as cell-cell communication circuits. However, the principles of these circuits and how their dynamical properties are combined in order to provide the spatio-temporal properties of tissues remain unclear. Using mathematical modeling in combination with agent-based simulations, we aim to reveal the rules of cellular interactions that lead to emergent properties during development.


Fluency in Python and/or R and/or Mathematica. Though not mandatory or assumed, the following would be a significant plus: Knowledge in Linear Algebra and Dynamical Systems, and prior experience with agent-based modeling.