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Platform for Radio Architecture




4: Architecture

Faculty Supervisor:

Nicholas de Monchaux

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Friday, August 14th


Ben Hoyle: benhoyle@mit.edu

Project Description

WAWD?Radio is an architecture department platform that encourages members of the community to have more casual, ambient and liberated conversations around architecture. In the 30+ shows broadcast weekly this spring, DJs took advantage of specific qualities of radio, like the intimacy of a broadcaster’s voice, the need to tune in live, the ability to ‘call in,’ to present ideas about buildings differently. This UROP position will build on a recent summer course, Radio Architecture Workshop, in order to launch a new platform and website for the station in the fall. The radio streaming platform is an essential part of the project, and it is limited in its current form. Our plan is to build a new platform that will garner wider listenership and accommodate a broader range of content, beyond the once per week shows we had in the spring. This will include pre- and post-game broadcasts for lectures, recordings of students reading texts, and live descriptions of the environments that our disbursed community will be working in this fall. On a basic level, the new platform needs to (a) stream audio files from a database 24/7 on our website, and (b) allow for individual DJs to broadcast live audio from their own computers, interrupting the 24/7 stream. Frontend work would be minimal. We would like these features to be functional by the end of the summer, so that we can launch it on September 1st. With that done, we would collaborate with a UROP student to design and implement other features for the website. How else could the website make space for these ideas of architecture and radio? How can we design an archive of recorded material and organize it into a live stream, such that we have a varied and engaging continuous broadcast? What is the simplest implementation that can have the strongest and most enduring effect? The position will pay $25/hr for up to 80 hours of work. Please reach out if you're interested and we would gladly discuss further details of the project.


Experience building databases and web platforms.