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Pipeline for Antibiotic Combination Discovery




20: Biological Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Blainey

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Please email Megan at megantse@mit.edu to apply for this position.

Project Description

The Blainey lab is discovering new antibiotic treatments through large-scale, combinatorial drug screening to combat the antibiotic resistance crisis. We are using the DropArray platform to screen millions of small molecule combinations that are effective against multi-drug resistant bacteria. Currently, we are looking for a UROP to improve an existing data analysis pipeline for ultra high throughput combinatorial drug screening while also exploring deeper analyses of a pilot dataset containing over 250,000 drug/strain conditions. This UROP is a completely remote experience, but wet lab experiences are possible in the future if you’re able to be on campus. We are hoping to be able to work with this UROP throughout IAP (and beyond) as well.


Fluency with Python is mandatory. Knowledge of image analysis methods, statistical analysis, and/or microbiology is recommended.