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Part-Time Research Assistance on Team Work and Negotiation




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

Tina Opie

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Project Description

We are interested in the role of team work and other phenomena related to the psychology of negotiation. We are currently recruiting a part-time (hourly or for credit) research assistant. We plan to run multiple experimental studies in the Behavioral Lab. Time frame: Position would start immediately and is expected to continue into May of 2020. Compensation: Please indicate in your application which of the following types of compensation you would find acceptable and your preference ordering among them: UROP-for-pay and UROP-for-credit. To Apply: Interested students should e-mail Tina Opie at tropie@mit.edu. Your e-mail should include a copy of your resume and a cover letter indicating your background, interests, year in school, major, and any relevant past experience. Finally, please provide a list of ALL courses you have taken at MIT (course number and name, organized by year) and the final grade you received in each course. (A copy of your official transcript may be requested at a later date.) ​


• Skills, coursework, prior experience, and/or interest in some or all of the following areas: psychology, sociology, negotiation, running behavioral experiments with human subjects, and the study of team work • Programming experience (e.g. Python, SPSS) • Experience working with large datasets, time series data • Experience in qualitative research methods (e.g., labeling/tagging transcripts or videos based on predefined categories) is also helpful but not required • Experience conducting literature reviews • Please note that this position requires frequent on-campus meetings, remote meetings, and email correspondence, so responsiveness and good communication skills are a must