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parent-child interaction styles and dynamics




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Cynthia Breazeal

Faculty email:


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Huili Chen: hchen25@mit.edu

Project Description

• Project Aim: The project aims to uncover the parent-child interaction dynamics and reciprocity during story reading activities. We ran a study in which 30 parent-child pairs read stories in lab for 40 minutes in 2019, and we are hoping to analyze and understand how a parent and their child read stories together . • Responsibility & Scope of Work: Annotate different social and emotional dimensions of parent-child interaction. For example, how do a parent and a child have conversational turns? What is joint engagement, and how do we code joint engagement? How does the child respond to the parent’s emotion expression? • Personal Growth Become familiar with various data annotation tools in the field of psychology and human-computer interaction. Learn about different scales and metrics in psychology/education (e.g., join engagement, parent-child mutuality, dialogic reading). Get training on how to annotate parent-child data. Gain knowledge in how to do highly multidisciplinary research at Media Lab. Obtain recommendation/reference letters for future internship/job applications. Get involved in other cool projects in the Personal Robots Group after IAP • Requirements Spring UROP (at least 8 hours per week) Start date: now Interest in education, parent-child interaction or psychology Be open to new ideas Majors: psychology, cognitive science, education, social science, media study