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Online platform development for spatial designs (front-end, 3D visualization tools)




4: Architecture

Faculty Supervisor:

Takehiko nagakura

Faculty email:


Apply by:

September 15


Wenzhe Peng (PhD student, Dept of Architecture)

Project Description

The MIT Design Heritage (http://designheritage.mit.edu) is an online platform created to allow users to collaboratively upload and share 3D photogrammetry models for the digital preservation of architectural sites, which leads to compilation of narratives about heritage places and their spatial designs. It provides an online tool for preservation, education, and community development. We are seeking students with web front-end and design experience to help build new features of the platform such as XR interface, LOD scene graph, and multi-player communication. Interested students can contact Wenzhe Peng (pwz@mit.edu) and Takehiko Nagakura (takehiko@mit.edu) to schedule an interview. Applicants are expected to show previous related works.


Required Experience developing interactive user interfaces and/or computer graphics applications Extensive experience working with HTML+CSS, SVG and/or Canvas Solid understanding of JavaScript Some experience with: d3.js JQuery Basic design skills Extra: Three.js Vue.js Databases experience (MySQL,...) PHP