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New Normal Experiences - Consolidation and Wrap Up




CMS: Comparative Media Studies

Faculty Supervisor:

James Paradis

Faculty email:


Apply by:

January 13, 2021


Yihyun Lim: yihyun@mit.edu

Project Description

(This IAP UROP is only for continuing students from Fall 2020 semester). We're continuing our efforts from Fall 2020 semester to study, analyze, and find future opportunities arising from the needs observed from the COVID19 pandemic experience. During the IAP term, we will consolidate our findings into a form of a white paper. _____ What was your experience like during the pandemic? What have you observed, experienced, and felt - of the changing situations, social spaces, and interactions? Our experiences of the pandemic, social distancing, and the constant reopening and lockdown of the economy is a shared one; yet individual experiences and perceptions are all different. As you’re all currently experiencing, we have faced a ‘new-normal’ life, where our relationship to others, places, and activities have been (and will be) shifted by social distancing. At MIT Civic Design Initiative, we have been studying the everyday emotional experience of the New Normal through an ongoing research. The topic of investigation will specially look into how the current pandemic situation has influenced people’s perception and behavior with respect to interactions with others, spaces, and activities. We’re looking for 10 first year undergraduate students to join this semester, in a workshop-style research to continue investigate this topic. You’ll be introduced to human-centered design methodologies and conduct design ethnography to gather experience-based stories and insights. Please contact Yihyun Lim (yihyun@mit.edu) for more information.


This is for continuing Undergraduate students from the Fall semester 'New Normal Study' ELO UROP project. Please do not apply if you weren't part of the Fall semester project group.