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New frontiers in the relationship between Data and Group Identities




17: Political Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Evan Lieberman

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Project Description

The undergraduate researcher will help to conduct substantial background research relevant for the launch of the new Global Diversity Lab at MIT (globaldiversitylab.org), in particular, to investigate the links between data / data collection methods (household surveys, censuses, college applications) and ethnic, racial, religious and national identities. The research will consist of three parts: 1. Carry out guided scholarly literature reviews on related topics (for example, what has been written, found on the relationship between the census and national identities? On racial bias from artificial intelligence? Etc.) The student will find and summarize key works on these sub-topics. 2. Gather primary sources related to the literature in (1) 3. Generate and analyze some (pilot) datasets relevant to the project. The student will write a final paper that incorporates findings from these projects, and makes recommendations concerning the most interesting and relevant topics for a forthcoming undergraduate class on the topic; and for related research frontiers.


The student should have an interest in the subject matter; good writing skills; basic data analysis skills; most important: willingness to work consistently throughout the term and to carry out a minimum of half the week’s work hours during office hours at the political science department.