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Neural Basis of Depression and Anxiety in Adolescents [Remote]




9: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

John Gabrieli

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Nicol Lo: nlo@mit.edu

Project Description

The Gabrieli lab is looking for a UROP student to help with a multi-institutional study examining the neural basis behind depression and anxiety in adolescents. Adolescence is a critical time for understanding brain changes associated with psychiatric disorders, but our knowledge of the biological mechanisms behind them is still limited. The BANDA study aims to probe adolescent depression and anxiety at multiple levels of analysis, collecting MRI and clinical/behavioral data from adolescents with depression or anxiety disorders, comparing them with healthy controls, and utilizing algorithms and brain imaging software to map out relevant circuits in the brain. The goal is to determine whether we can find reliable biomarkers for these disorders to more accurately predict clinical outcomes. To facilitate research collaboration, the study makes data harmonized to a standard protocol available to the research community. We are looking for a remote UROP to help 1) score and validate standardized clinical interviews and assessments, 2) process and harmonize data to be shared with the larger research community, 3) if time permits, analyze data from the study for a personal project. To apply, send a resume/CV and a short paragraph (up to 3 sentences) on how this project is relevant to your personal interest or goals to Nicol Lo at nlo@mit.edu.


Experience or interest in clinical, mental health or human subject research is strongly recommended. Experience in R is a plus. Ideal applicants will be self-directed, and comfortable with working remotely and asking questions. A minimum 8 hours a week is required for this project, with flexible timing.