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Multi-robot Collaborative Mapping in Photorealistic Simulator




16: Aeronautics and Astronautics

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonathan How

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Kaveh Fathian, kavehf@mit.edu

Project Description

Description: In the Aerospace Control Laboratory (http://acl.mit.edu/), we are working on robot teams that can explore, map, and monitor an environment collaboratively. Implantation of the algorithms that can merge individual robot observations to construct a common world model is therefore essential. As an important step before real-world deployment, we need to test and verify these algorithms in a photorealistic simulator (in this case, based on the Unity game engine). To do so, we are looking for help from two motivated UROPs with good programming skills and an interest in robotics. Responsibilities: The UROP will work with postdocs and graduate students. The UROP responsibilities include implementing and verifying the algorithms developed at the Aerospace Control Lab in the Unity-based multi-robot simulator. The software stack is mainly based on C++ and the Robotic Operating System (ROS). Collaboration with other teams working on the software stack and familiarity with GIT version control is required. Other responsibilities include presentation of status, challenges, implementation details, simulation videos, and results during periodic reviews and group meetings. The UROP is expected to devote 10 hrs/week, and a successful UROP will have the option to continue for the Spring/Summer and the IAP.


- Experience with ROS and Linux is required - Experience with C++ programming and the ability to identify and fix bugs - Experience with Git version control and working in a team-based project - Experience with the Unity game engine is not required but is a plus - Python experience is a plus