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The Move




11: Urban Studies and Planning

Faculty Supervisor:

Ceasar McDowell

Faculty email:


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Ceasar McDowell: ceasar@mit.edu

Project Description

About The Move: The Move is a movement that aims to provide a collaborative learning and exchange platform for researchers, leaders, academics, and politicians, as well as artists, community organizers, and ordinary citizens who are seeking to facilitate real civic engagement in our democracy. We produce weekly podcasts and blog content on our website, TheMove.mit.edu, to bring together the perspectives of people of all backgrounds who are seeking to facilitate real civic engagement in today’s democracies. Position Description: After spending much time building out podcast and blog content on our site, The Move is looking for a social media manager help build an online/social media presence and audiences. Essential tasks for this role include: Assisting with developing master social media strategy to align with The Move’s mission and goals Generating original content (images, text, video, GIF, etc) that fosters meaningful connections among different audiences encourages followers/community members to engage, take action, and become part of The Move community Maintaining a constant presence on twitter by retweeting/responding to posts from followers throughout the week Overseeing social media account design, ensuring consistent branding and presence Promoting podcasts, blog posts, and other content regularly updated on themove.mit.edu, as well as events hosted/attended by The Move, via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels Staying up to date with current social media trends and topics, particularly those related to public engagement, civic design, planning, etc, and contribute content/craft interactions


Qualifications & Skills: A passion for expanding community and civic engagement Experience (and a love for!) using Twitter, Facebook, other social media platforms, and in developing multi-platform social media strategy Excellent writing, communication, presentation, and editing skills in English; second language a plus Knowledge of online marketing and major marketing communications channels