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Modular quantum photonics




6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

Prof. Dirk Englund

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Send a 1 paragraph statement about your interest in the project, relevant experience, and CV to carloseh@mit.edu

Project Description

Quantum photonics provides a promising route towards quantum communication, computing, and simulation. A quantum photonic system must consist of sources, tunable photonic elements, detectors, nonlinear elements, and memories. However, combining these into a scalable system has not been possible because of incompatibility of materials and devices. We recently took a first step towards solving that problem by using a home-built nanomanipulator to integrate 128 diamond single-photon sources onto a photonic circuit [1]. We want now to build on this method to make it more efficient [2] and applicable to all the key modules. Such a system can enable millions of qubits for quantum communication and high-fidelity optical quantum logic gates for quantum computing, and ultimately bring quantum technologies closer to applications. This UROP project will cover a part of the abovementioned project, depending on the skills and interests of the applicant. These parts can be, but are not limited to: 1) improving our setup for efficient transfer, 2) designing building blocks, and 3) device characterization. [1] N. H. Wan, et al., arXiv:1911.05265 [quant-ph] (2019) [2] J. McPhillimy, et al., Opt. Express 26, 16679-16688 (2018)


Applicant profile: Independent, comfortable with experiments, hard-working. Background: Electrical and mechanical engineering, programming, physics, optics.