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Modeling and analysis of physical processes governing disease transmission and indoor contamination




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Prof. L. Bourouiba

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Sept 15 2020


Prof. L. Bourouiba, lbouro@mit.edu

Project Description

We have openings for a range of projects involving data analysis and (mathematical, statistical and numerical) modeling of pressing questions pertaining to the physical and environmental processes governing and potentially reducing or enhancing pathogen transmission. The projects range from applied to fundamental and will be discussed and assigned based on initial discussion, skills and interests best aligned with the questions examined. The domains will include mathematical modeling, fluid dynamics, multiphase fluid flows, multiscale modeling, and data analysis. Among other applications, dispersion of pathogens from exhalations in a range of conditions and mitigation strategies to contain them will be informed.


Facility with algorithm development, e.g., in Matlab, python, etc. Background or strong interest in mathematical physics, fluid dynamics, and statistics are required (e.g., differential equations, PDEs, and ODEs, stochastic processes)