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Missing Data Project : Covid-19 : Color of Covid




11: Urban Studies and Planning

Faculty Supervisor:

Sarah Williams

Faculty email:


Apply by:

May 15


Sarah Williams, sew@mit.edu, 267-253-4124

Project Description

The research project seeks to understand equity issues that have arisen in Covid-19 data collection and its release. Currently, in most states the reporting of Covid-19 cases by race and ethnicity are spotty with roughly 20-70% of tests showing racial information. In this project we will look into the reasons for the lack of race and ethnicity data and understand the policy or lack of policy which has caused this inequity. The goal will be to develop an academic journal article that frames this missing data within the larger scholarly debate about how missing data can cause a lack of services essential to those on the margins. As we identify issues over the summer we will release short journalist style news stories that dissect and expose reasons for missing data on race and how it affects policies. Researchers will be encouraged to release these stories on Medium or other news outlets and on the Civic Data Design Lab’s Covid-19 blog. 1 - Interview of data collection groups 2 - Collection of Covid-19 race data. 3 - Data analytics and visualizations of Covid-19 race data


GIS Statistics Database, SQL HTML, CSS