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MIPS Security Exploit Generation




6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Rinard

Faculty email:


Apply by:

June 2020



Project Description

We need to be able to create stack overflow exploits on the MIPS architecture. On other architectures (x86 and ARM) we use ROP to get around non-executable stacks. MIPS evidently had a bug that until recently allowed the stack to be executable. However there is a caching issue because MIPS has separate instruction and data caches. Thus when executing off the stack, the wrong instructions are execute. Supposedly this can be cleared by executing some system calls. Some detail about this may be available at: https://blog.senr.io/blog/why-is-my-perfectly-good-shellcode-not-working-cache-coherency-on-mips-and-arm We'd like to see if there is some sort of solution for this problem short of using ROP (or perhaps with a very short and easy to generate ROP chain).


Interest in computer security, ability to understand the project, and an interest in the project.