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Microfluidic titration kit design, construction, testing




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Professor John Hart

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Dec 21, 2020


Crystal Owens -- crystalo@mit.edu

Project Description

Starting from previously-designed LEGO-based microfludic systems, the objective of this project is to develop and test new components that enable titration experiments and visualization within the microchannels for application in education on microfluidics and water quality testing. The UROP would be involved mostly in designing components (including CAD and arduino or similar coding), 3D printing, and testing components and the overall system with hands-on work in the lab. In addition, the UROP will apply some fluid mechanics analysis to characterize the control of flow rates and other parameters of the system. This project could be continued for longer than a semester if there is interest in developing other modules or functionality. (Existing system: https://news.mit.edu/2018/microfluidics-lego-bricks-0131)


Campus access during the UROP, strong familiarity with CAD, fluid mechanics (ex. be able to define Reynolds number, laminar flow, and convert flow rate to flow velocity from memory).