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Metagenomic data analysis adsa




6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

Bonnie Berger

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Email all inquiries to younhun@mit.edu; please put [UROP] in the subject. Include your year, prior experience & coursework.

Project Description

Analyzing metagenomic data presents a set of challenges which are very different from analyzing human genomic data. In collaboration with labs at Brigham and Women's hospital, we are trying to tackle the problem of performing inference on time-series samples. We are currently looking to hire a student to: (1) help implement a bioinformatics pipeline for our model, (2) run computational experiments on real data, (3) possibly contribute additions/refinements to our model. Our current goal is to submit a full publication by the end of the academic year.


Programming experience in Python a must. Highly desired but not strictly required: some familarity with bioinformatics algorithms/tools (e.g. BLAST, BioPython, .fasta files) and relevant concepts in statistics. Juniors and Seniors are preferred, but Freshman or Sophomores will also be considered as long as they have coding experience beyond introductory classwork.