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Media Capture Tool for Scratch




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Mitchel Resnick

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Feb 14, 2020



Project Description

The Lifelong Kindergarten group (LLK) aims to empower all children, from all backgrounds, to imagine, create, and share with new technologies. The group is most widely known for creating the Scratch programming language and online community for children (http://scratch.mit.edu) . Lifelong Kindergarten is seeking a UROP interested in helping develop a new tool that works with Scratch. This tool aims to empower children to capture images, sounds, and video from the world around them using a mobile device directly into their Scratch projects. We see this tool as a way to spark children’s ideas and thinking as they make creative projects with Scratch. This UROP position presents an opportunity to help design, implement, and test this new tool in an early phase of its development. An ideal candidate would be interested in helping children grow and learn and would also have technical skill in programming. Specifically, an ideal candidate would be able to create a web application using standard web languages (HTML/CSS/Javascript) and would also be able to independently research and implement new web media technologies (video, image, and audio APIs). The ideal candidate would have an interest in testing their work with other researchers, and potentially with children.


[Required] A willingness to dive in and learn! [Required] Experience in building web applications with standard web languages (HTML/CS/Javascript) [Preferred] Experience with modern web media APIs (video, image, sound) [Preferred] Experience with image and/or audio processing [Preferred] Excitement about working with — and making stuff for — kids!