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Mechanism Design and Prototyping of Mechanical Transducer for a Modular Robotic Tangible Interface




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Hiroshi Ishii

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Feb 10 2020



Project Description

We are working on a project that utilizes a swarm robotic system to activate passive mechanisms. The passive mechanisms are designed to convert the motion of the robotic platform to offer a variety of interactivity for Human Interactions. We are seeking to develop a hardware/software platform and variety of interactive application instances with this hybrid hardware architecture of actuated swarm robots and passive mechanical transducers. We are looking for a UROP who have a strong mechanical design skills to create variety of passive mechanical systems (gears and other power transmission). Please e-mail us for detail description of the project.


Mandatory Experience - SOLIDWORKS, or other mechanical design software - Physical prototyping and assembling (3D Printing, robotics, etc) Preferable Experience - Design and prototyping a variety of power transmission mechanism - Programming for Interaction Design (Processing, etc.) - Creativity to come up with unique/efficient mechanism designs as well as unique/playful interactive applications