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Mechanical Design and Fabrication for Automated Chemical Synthesis Platform




10: Chemical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Klavs Jensen

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Tim Kulesza: kulesza@mit.edu, 215.859.1145)

Project Description

The focus of the project will be centered around the development of an automated system used for accelerated molecular discovery. In the system, a robotic arm moves chemical plates to and from various instruments and reactors. This in-person only UROP is open to any undergraduate at MIT, from first-year students to seniors, as we will work with the student to create a program that fits his or her level of experience. As a UROP, you will work directly with a team of mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, and chemists in designing and prototyping different modules within the system including a thermo-reactor, photo-reactor, and solar generator. You will get to experience the full breadth of the mechanical design process which involves ideation, computer-aided design, rapid prototyping, machining, and testing while being guided by mentors with academic and industry experience. While you will initially work under the direction of the team, capable students may expand this into an opportunity to individually explore new design concepts and modules.


-Familiarity with Solidworks -Basic mechanical design knowledge -Preferred but not required: proficiency in machining and fabrication, experience with electromechanical design and assembly