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Mechanical Circulatory Support: Hemodynamic Waveform Analysis and Graphical User Interface Visualization




HST: Health Sciences and Technology

Faculty Supervisor:

Elazer Edelman

Faculty email:


Apply by:

December 20, 2020


To apply, please contact Kimberly Lamberti (kkl@mit.edu) with a copy of your resume.

Project Description

Our group of engineers and clinician-scientists studies the impact and optimization of mechanical circulatory support devices for heart failure patients. To do so, we employ a number of research methods including benchtop circulatory loops, large animal studies, and patient data analysis. The objective of this project will be to develop a cohesive platform for analyzing and visualizing the data from each of these research methods. This will include assistance with algorithm development for key cardiovascular metrics, validation of algorithm results, and development of a user interface to easily visualize segments of data, associated cardiovascular metrics, and plots to analyze results. The ideal candidate will be proficient in data processing and have experience with graphical user interface development and computer visual design. The project can be conducted remotely.


Proficiency in MATLAB, experience with data processing, large data files, and graphical user interface development