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Mapping vulnerabilities in human, built and natural systems under climate change




MITEI: MIT Energy Initiative

Faculty Supervisor:

Sergey Paltsev

Faculty email:


Apply by:

June 4, 2020


Sergey Paltsev: paltsev@mit.edu

Project Description

Climate change, and related changes to economies, infrastructure and energy systems, creates risks to human, built and natural systems. In this project, we are conducting a “triage” of the United States to identify places that are particularly vulnerable to various risks, including risks related to climate, economics, social welfare, infrastructure, and others. We seek a UROP who is well-versed in Geographic Information System (GIS) to join our multi-disciplinary team and contribute to the project by collecting and mapping spatial data related to socio-economic and infrastructure metrics, as well as coordinate with others on the team who are focusing on climate and environmental metrics. The ultimate goal is to create a web-based GIS map with many layers that allows users to explore different risk categories and identify high-risk places in need of further research.


Familiarity with GIS.