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Mapping Matters: Building DUSP Capacity for Advocacy Mapping in Greater Boston




11: Urban Studies and Planning

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Robsky Huntley

Faculty email:


Apply by:

May 29, 2020


Eric Robsky Huntley, ehuntley@mit.edu, 607-339-6843

Project Description

Mapping Matters is envisioned as a hub of advocacy mapping activity within DUSP focused on collaboratively addressing matters of concern in Greater Boston. It will contribute the department’s interdisciplinary research culture in two primary ways: first, it will innovate novel approaches to working across traditional divides between spatial analysis/quantitative and participatory/qualitative methods; second, it will cultivate broad student interest in critical and advocacy mapping work through long-term engagement with groups in Greater Boston. We will pursue two types of projects: first, we will support work that is focused on building lasting relationships with Greater Boston NGO and advocacy groups; sharing DUSP expertise with the same; and leveraging spatial data collection, analysis, and storytelling to address urgent issues with diverse. Second, we will be a resource for the broader DUSP community, supporting projects conducted in partnership with faculty and researchers that seek to use mapping and spatial analysis as tools for telling stories and making change.


Demonstrated interest in urban issues, community development, and/or mapping techniques. Experience with GIS, particularly QGIS, is preferred.