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Machine Learning and Data Science to Study Politics adsa


IAP and Spring


17: Political Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

In Song Kim

Faculty email:


Apply by:

January 31, 2021


Elden Griggs, emgriggs@mit.edu

Project Description

Students joining the project will examine special interest group politics in the US, using various computational methodologies such as network analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine learning algorithms. The research will utilize a complex set of interconnected databases providing a dynamic work environment for students interested in computational social science research. Students will learn/apply various machine learning algorithms to analyze "big data" in political science research. We will work closely with each individual UROP to develop an appropriate project based on the student's substantive and methodological interests.


Good python/git development skills; and familiarity with SQL (the project data is stored in a database). Participation in this UROP will be done remotely; students are expected to attend a weekly Zoom meeting with other research team members. This project will be especially useful for students who want to learn Postgres / NodeJS / GraphQL / React / or D3.