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KEEPER: Online facilitation scaffolding modeled after social technologies to promote emotionally intelligent discussion online


IAP and Spring


MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Deb Roy

Faculty email:

Apply by:

ASAP, Dec 18 deadline


To apply, email Maggie at mhughes4@mit.edu with an overview of your experience (relevant classes, UROPS, jobs), attach a resume if you have one, your portfolio or any previous work you think is relevant, and rough availability during IAP/Spring. Please ex

Project Description

Keeper: In this project, we wonder how can one foster connections to promote deep discussions, reflection, and more vulnerable expression with technology. We explore the possibility of designing platforms and environments informed by social technologies like facilitation to enrich interactions online while gaining stronger social and emotional intelligence. Further, we explore the utility of “smart” tools such as automatic speech recognition and emotion classification to enhance a learning facilitator’s perceptiveness. In this project, you will work closely with researchers at the Media Lab’s Lab for Social Machines as we develop an environment to help support this goal. UROPs are invited to work on the design of a metric system tracking transcribed and analyzed speech. UROPS are invited to further co-design bot's with our researchers to aid learning facilitators with prompts and guiding questions. UROP end goal: leave having helped design a metric system to measure conversations and emotion within conversations. Leave having learned new skills, built a tool and metric system for one’s portfolio, conducted in user studies and experiments.


NLP and speech-to-text work or experience building bots would be a plus. Some experience with coding and natural language analysis. Excitement to learn!