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UROP Posting Form

The webform below should be used to submit your UROP project opening to UROP staff for review and inclusion in our list of advertised projects. Once approved by the UROP staff, your listing will be appear on this site under UROP Project Openings. This process may take a few days. Your posting will be removed after approximately one month unless you ask us to re-post.

Please be explicit on whether positions described in your listing are remote or in-person.  If the latter, it should be made clear that the in-person position is only open to students as detailed here:

Many first-year students refer to this page to learn about UROP project openings.  If you have a particular focus on working with members of our first-year community, please emphasize this in your listing or add First-Year in brackets at the end of your project title so that first-year students searching the listings page can easily find your opportunity.

Note that project descriptions are displayed in one text block within our listings page.

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