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iOS App Development for Covid-19 Project




6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

Anantha Chandrakasan

Faculty email:


Apply by:


Sirma Orguc, sirma@mit.edu

Project Description

We are working on a project related to COVID-19, where we develop BLE-enabled sensor platform for health monitoring. We are looking for a summer UROP with app development experience (particularly IOS) in order to develop a phone app to increase the usability of the system. Additional components of this project could include design of visualizations within the app to better communicate user information and creation of algorithms for the analysis of incoming data in real time. We already have a working system with communication to computers via a dongle. The project is very time-sensitive and we need a highly motivated student to join our team. Please reach out if you are experienced in app development and if you want to contribute to this exciting project! The platforms will be used in clinical trials and you will an author of the paper as well


- experienced in iOS app development - familiar with physiological signal processing