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Interdisciplinary management research to enhance cyber security resiliency (Multiple Project)




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

Stuart Madnick

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Preferably by May 5, 2020



Project Description

Cybersecurity has a critical role in today’s digital society, yet managers and leaders are often at a loss when it comes to keeping their organizations secure. Without effective strategies and plans to manage risks in cybersecurity, managers can jeopardize their entire organization. Making the right decisions in cybersecurity requires more than just making decisions about the latest technology. Research has shown that the majority of cyber breaches occur because of accidental or malicious human error. Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS) fills a critical need for leaders and managers of cybersecurity by focusing on managerial, strategic, and organizational issues. We seek undergraduate researchers interested in creating the latest and greatest ideas in cybersecurity. We have several opportunities for interested UROP students. Some active projects are listed here but we have other projects for motivated students. Contact us if you are interested in knowing more. 1) Scenario-based Simulation Platform Project. We seek a student to develop a scenario-based simulation platform which can assist the non-cybersecurity professionals to make decision on cyber attack and to improve the cybersecurity resilience. It will focus on understanding the decision process and providing tool to suggest the best action to mitigate the cyber incident. The UROP student will work together with our research team and industrial partner to implement this platform and run the experiment. Excellent software development skills using vue.js/react.js, Django and recommendation algorithm are preferred. This opportunity can be extended in Fall semester. 2) AI/Cybersecurity management project: We seek a student interested in unique issues that arise when AI is built into cybersecurity strategy. This student will work with our team to research and write a teaching case study on managing AI in cybersecurity. This case will be used in teaching our course in the fall. 3) Culture of Cybersecurity at a Brazilian Bank: We seek a student to help us update and finalize a research case study about the cybersecurity culture at a start up bank in Brazil. The project for the summer would be to do additional research needed on the state of banking in Brazil, and the research notes collected from several months of interviews and analysis and create a publishable paper on the culture at this major dot-com in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


We need students who are self-starters and who will take the initiative to accomplish projects. Required skills include: attention to details, critical thinking, excellent reading comprehension, writing skills, and communication skills. A familiarity with cybersecurity is a helpful but not required—you will learn on the job. We are particularly interested in working with motivated and organized students who are committed to doing research. Continuing to work with us during Fall will be welcome.