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Interactive Storybooks




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Cynthia Breazeal

Faculty email:


Apply by:

May 7, 2020


Stephen P. Kaputsos: kaputsos@mit.edu

Project Description

Skilled or interested in Interactive Media, 2D or 3D Design, Animation, or Game Development? Enjoy helping others learn about the world? The PRG Interactive Storybook project integrates Interactive Media, 2D and 3D Design, Animation, and Game Development for production of interactive children storybooks. Summer UROPs will leverage and develop their current skills to satisfy the following responsibilities (non-inclusive): 1. Navigate a 2D & 3D asset repository for assets 2. Pose & Animate 3D character models in Autodesk 3DsMax & Maya 3. Export and import 3D character poses & animations into Adobe Animate 4. Animate in Adobe Animate 5. Export and import animations into Unity3D This Summer UROP opportunity is excellent for applying your Interactive Media, 2D and 3D Design, Animation, and Game Development skills to a team project! Gain hands-on experience integrating these skills in a real-world workflow which will carry over to your future interactive 3D projects!


-- SUMMER UROP -- Position Type: Full-Time (≈ 40 hrs. / week) Position Duration: > 3 months Professional Interests: Interactive Media, 2D Rigging, 2D Animation, 3D Design, 3D Rigging, 3D Animation, Education, Artificial Intelligence, Storytelling Majors (non-inclusive): Comparative Media Studies, Art and Design, Computer Science, Architecture - SKILLS - 2D Design: Rigging, Animation, Illustration, & Photo Editing 3D Design: Rigging & Animation Game Development: Level Design, Lighting, Particle Effects, & Scripting (C#) - SOFTWARE SKILLS - 2D Design: Adobe Animate, Character Animator & Photoshop 3D Design: Autodesk 3DsMax & Maya Game Development: Unity3D - REACH OUT! - Interested in this excellent opportunity? Send us an email with the following: 1. Start/End dates 2. Location (Boston, etc.) 3. Year 4. Major 5. Full-Time or Part-Time 6. Have you previously applied for UROP fundings? 7. Resume/CV