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Implementation of a Neuromuscular Lower Limb Model adsa




6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

Hugh Herr

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Project Description

For those with lower limb amputation, powered prostheses restore the ability to produce appropriate ground reaction forces for bipedal locomotion. Though there are many ways to control a powered prosthesis, the ideal interface combines intuitive control with natural proprioceptive feedback to seamlessly integrate user and device. This project involves implementing a dynamic model of muscles and joints from existing libraries which is able to transfer electromyography recorded from amputated muscles into the domain of intended limb motion. The model will be used by persons with transfemoral amputation to control both virtual and real prosthetic devices for human motor control studies.


A background in application development and embedded programming is desired. Familiarity with dynamic systems modeling, nonlinear optimization, feedback control, digital signals processing, mechatronics, and biomechanics is helpful but not required.