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The Impact of Sleep and Heat on Economic Decision-Making and Productivity among the Urban Poor




14: Economics

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Schilbach

Faculty email:


Apply by:

September 20, 2020


Frank Schilbach (fschilb@mit.edu); Pedro Bessone (tepedino@mit.edu)

Project Description

This UROP position offers work at the intersection of development and behavioral economics. The UROP will work with our team to analyze data from an RCT in India. We will consider (i) the impact of sleep deprivation on preferences, decision-making, and productivity; (ii) the impact of heat on the same outcomes. The UROP will mostly do data work in R and Stata, including cleaning data, updating and extending existing analyses, and new analyses.


Understanding of econometrics and programming skills are very important for us. Students who have taken 14.32 or similar classes will be given priority. Knowledge of R, Stata, and similar software will be very helpful. As such, this position is more suitable for juniors and seniors rather than sophomores or freshmen, though exceptions are possible. Very important for us is a strong motivation and enthusiasm, as well as attention to detail and eagerness to learn. If you are interested in the position, please send an email to Frank Schilbach (fschilb@mit.edu) and Pedro Bessone (tepedino@mit.edu) including your CV, an unofficial grade transcript, and a brief description of your background and interest in the position, as well as your relevant skills and experience.