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Hydrogel carriers for release of biopharmaceutical drugs




10: Chemical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Patrick Doyle

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Project Description

The project aims to formulate and characterize hydrogel microparticles for drug delivery of biopharmaceuticals. Hydrogels can be formulated with different chemical and material properties to adjust drug release rates, biocompatibility, and other key properties. The student will be responsible for (1) developing the microparticle production method and (2) studying drug dissolution, with the goal of measuring performance as a function of the chemical and material properties of the hydrogel. A basic background in chemistry and chemical engineering principles is recommended. By the end of the project, the student will have acquired fundamental laboratory skills, as well as hands-on experience with fluid mechanics principles, drug release, and hydrogel formulation.


Students with a basic background in chemistry/chemical engineering are welcome to apply to the project