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Humanitarian Supply Chain Research




CTL: Center for Transportation & Logistics

Faculty Supervisor:

Jarrod Goentzel

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Tim Russell at trussell@mit.edu

Project Description

The Humanitarian Supply Chain Lab is looking to hire a UROP to assist in our mission to understand and improve the supply chain systems behind public services and private markets to meet human needs. Our lab combines MIT expertise in engineering, management, information technology, social science, economics, urban planning, and other disciplines to drive practical innovation for humanitarian interventions. Our UROPs often work on multiple projects as needs develop. With this, we expect team members of all skill levels will be able to find a work that challenges them and allows them to grow while contributing to the success of the project. Current projects include: * Assist with data collection and analysis related to a fuel modeling effort for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Academies of Sciences. * Contribute to FEMA Supply Chain Analysis Network’s “blue-sky” analysis of private sector supply chains. * Research and develop methodologies for disaster risk portfolios for the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance. * Identify gaps in last-mile tracking of relief food deliveries for Food For Peace and determining technologies that can be used. * Analyze household data to understand market access for smallholder farmers for our USAID activity operating in Uganda. Additionally, this undergraduate researcher will assist in coordinating the speaker series for the Humanitarian Disaster Response Working Group. That entails: * Hold an event with a speaker every 4–6 weeks: send out an event digest with contact information or a sign-up sheet * For larger events, send out save the dates and place flyers around campus * Market events in order to generate more student attendance Relevant URL: http://humanitarian.mit.edu/ For more information, email Tim Russell at trussell@mit.edu


This UROP should have a strong desire to: * Learn more about the topics of disaster response, food aid delivery, and private sector resilience during a disaster * Use their research and analytical expertise to support these efforts * Work towards the ultimate benefit of future disaster survivors * Work in a collaborative team environment